GIMP: How to Make Background Transparent

make gimps background transparent

In this quick GIMP tutorial, we’ll go over 3 different ways to make the background transparent. All of these methods accomplish the same thing, but you may find one more helpful depending on how you use transparencies.

1. Color to Alpha

Step 1

The easiest method is to go up to Colors > Color to Alpha. Here, set the From color to your current background color (white, in my case) and click OK.

gimp color to alpha

Step 2

You should get this desired result.

gimp transparent background

2. Add Alpha Channel

Right-click your Background layer and select Add Alpha Channel.

gimp create alpha channel

Step 2

With this method, you can do cool stuff like use the Eraser tool to erase the background.

gimp erase background color

Step 3

Or you can use the Rectangle Select tool to select the whole background (or Ctrl+A) and just hit Delete.

gimp delete background

3. Change New Image Setting

Step 1

This last method get’s straight to business. When you create a new image in GIMP, just expand the Advanced Options and set Fill with: Transparency, then click OK.

gimp fill with transparency

Transparency is Now Clear!

These 3 easy ways to make GIMP’s background completely transparent all serve their different purposed, but they have the same end result. I’m sure there are more ways to do this too! Do you know any?

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