How to Save As JPG in GIMP

gimp how to save as jpg

GIMP can handle a ton of graphic file formats, but I see a lot of people wondering how to export your artwork as a JPG specifically. In this little tutorial, I’ll show you just how easy it is.

Step 1

Once you have a finished project, you’ll want to head to File > Export As.

gimp export as

Step 2

When the Export Image menu opens, simply change the file extension of the Name to “.jpg” and click Export.

gimp save as jpg

Step 3

After you click Export, you’ll then be prompted with another window that contains some JPEG settings. The only thing you may want to tinker with would be the Quality slider, along with checking Show preview, like I have below. Finally click Export to save as a JPG.

export image as jpeg gimp

That Was Easy!

Clearly, saving your GIMP work as a JPG is very simple to do. There’s a good chance that whatever file format you need your projects as, GIMP will have no problem making them for you. Thanks for reading!

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