How to Hand Out Flyers The Correct Way

passing out flyers

passing out flyers

So many flyers and so little time. Say you’ve ordered 1000 Flyers and you’ve cleared your day to pass every single one out. Here’s the most productive and efficient plan… ready? Go!

1. Door to Door (100 Flyers)

You might be uneasy about doing this one, but not to worry. As long as you’re not trespassing on anybody’s property or digging in their mailboxes, you’re good to go! Just look for any open containers on the mailbox stand that are NOT mailboxes. Some houses even have a container specifically for holding flyers and other advertisement. Door hangers are also a great idea!

– All mailboxes are off limits, no matter what. Don’t even touch them.
– Watch out for “No Trespassing” and “No Soliciting” signs.

2. Windshield Wipers (100 Flyers)

This is always a tricky one, but man does it work! Just go to a busy parking lot and put a flyer on each car. Cars are so close together, you can usually bust out 100+ flyers in about 20 minutes.

– A lot of parking lots these days are private property, so the owner of wherever you’re stuffing flyers does have the right to kick you out.
– The cars you’re putting flyers on are private property of the car’s owner also, so you might get yelled at once or twice.

3. Bulletin Boards (250 = 50 Flyers/Board)

“50 flyers per board?! What!?” Yeah, just listen. Stop at the closest office supply store and pick up about a 5-pack of cheap plastic literature holders (preferably with a nail hole on the top of each one). Tack a holder filled with about 50 flyers to about 5 of the busiest places in town. That’s 250 flyers while doing barely any work!

– Make sure you have a pretty intense tack to hold up 50 flyers. They’re out there, trust me.

4. Local Businesses (500 = 50 Flyers/Business)

Make good friends and network around town with brick and mortar businesses. Cut a deal where you leave some flyers there and he leaves flyers at your place… pay the business owner to “rent” out a spot on his front desk to leave your flyers, use your imagination. Go to about 10 or more business and do stuff like this.

5. Leftovers (whatever you have left)

You’ll almost always have some leftover flyers, so here’s a couple neat little places to drop a flyer or two. Note that these will probably all be thrown away, but you were going to do that anyways.

Your table after eating at a restaurant.
A couple shopping carts on the way out of the grocery store.
In the garbage, but strategically placed for max visibility.
Lunch tables in a school cafeteria.
Use your imagination.

So there’s your full plan to get rid of 1000 flyers. Happy Advertising!

You should check with your local and state laws to verify what you can and can’t do when passing out flyers. This article is strictly a resource of helpful tips and ideas, none of that legal stuff.

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