OpenOffice: How to Double Space in Writer

Double spacing is often a requirement when writing papers or essays, but it’s not a default setting in OpenOffice Writer. Thankfully, enabling double spacing is very easy to do!

Step 1

Before you start typing anything, head up to Format > Paragraph. In this window, you’ll see a Line Spacing option which you can set to Double. Just hit OK and you’re good to go!

openoffice writer double space

Step 2

You can now start typing your stuff and your spacing will be double, finally.

openoffice double space paragraphs

Step 3

You may run into the issue if you paste a paragraph, it will not be double spaced. If this happens, simply select the troubled paragraph and go back to Format > Paragraph and set the Line Spacing back to Double, just like in Step 1. If you have a paragraph selected, it will only format that.

openoffice paste double space

Step 4

Another way to adjust line spacing in OpenOffice Writer is to enable View > Sidebar. Below, you can see mine which has the same Paragraph and Spacing options, which makes for quick access.

openoffice spacing sidebar

Let’s Space Out!

In this OpenOffice Writer tutorial, we found out just how easy it is to enable double spacing options. We went over two possible ways to double space, but I’m certain there are more. Thanks for reading!

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