OpenOffice: How to Insert Page Numbers

how to add page numbers in openoffice

When you have to number pages in OpenOffice, you’ll be happy to know that it’s very easy to do. Let’s learn how to add numbers to the pages of an OpenOffice Writer document!

Step 1

First, we need to add a footer to all of our pages. To do this, head up to Format > Page, and open the Footer tab. Here, you can simply check “Footer on” and then click OK.

openoffice add footer

Step 2

Next, just click inside of the footer to place your cursor there. Now we can go up to Insert > Fields > Page Number.

openoffice fields page number

Step 3

Now all of your pages will have the correct number on the footers. Also, if you style and format one of the footers, those changes will apply to all of them. How nice is that?

openoffice page number footer

All Numbered Up!

See, I told you adding page numbers in OpenOffice was easy. Having the dynamic footer also helps a ton with page consistency, so writing your next project should be a breeze! Thanks for reading.

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