Create a Custom Calendar in Seconds

inkscape calendar generator

Using an incredible Inkscape Extension, you can create a completely custom calendar graphic in about 10 seconds. Let’s have a look!

Step 1

Where is this awesome extension location? Well, it’s right under Extensions > Render > Calendar.

inkscape calendar extension

Step 2

You’ll notice that the menu has 4 tabs for complete customization –  from font type to color palette. Go ahead and go nuts!

custom calendar colors

Step 3

When you’ve got all of your customizations in place, go ahead and hit that Apply button! How cool is this?

calendar generator

That’s It!

Who would’ve thought that Inkscape would have it’s own custom calendar generator? With the extensive list of settings, this is sure to cover all of your calendar vector graphic needs. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Create a Custom Calendar in Seconds

    1. In the Calendar extension, under the Configuration tab, you’ll see “Year (0 for current)”. Simply change the value from 0 to whatever year you’d like.

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