How to Crop in Inkscape

inkscape how to crop

Something as seemingly simple as cropping in Inkscape can baffle beginners and pros alike. Let’s go over how to crop in this quick tutorial.

Step 1

For this example, I’ll be using this adorable Pikachu wallpaper from a previous tutorial. I should also note that if you’re wanting to crop an entire scene, make sure everything is Grouped. (select everything, Object > Group)

pikachu face

Step 2

Next, grab the Rectangle tool and draw an area that you’d like to crop. As you can see below, I’ve intentionally made my rectangle transparent so that I could see the area under it.

square crop pikachu

Step 3

With both the scene and the rectangle selected, head up to Object > Clip > Set to crop.

rectangle crop inkscape

Step 4

Below is my cropped result!

inkscape cropped pikachu

Step 5

You don’t have to just use rectangles either – you can use any shape imaginable, such as a group of circles.

circles pikachu

Step 6

After repeating the same steps, I ended up with this neat result!

pikachu circle crop

That’s How to Crop!

This was part of the 5 Essential Inkscape Tips and Tricks.

Cropping in Inkscape is a super effective way to remove a portion of a scene or image. Now that you know how to crop, you probably also noticed that it’s super easy to do in Inkscape. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “How to Crop in Inkscape

  1. Nice tutorial on using the Clip command. So then what is a mask? First time here, so apologies if you’ve posted somewhere RE: mask. Also, this technique is good for finished work but when building up complex paths I do things differently. I’ll use the rectangle or a custom shape and then do a Path>Difference or Path>Intersection to trim pieces. Useful to build one side of a shape, like a vase crop path to 1/2 fit at centerline, duplicate, mirror and then combine. Love the circles example with Picachu, very stylish finish for that piece.

    1. Masking is the same as clipping, but masking uses color lightness for opacity. So if you mask with a black shape, the result will be completely transparent. With a white shape – completely opaque. Thanks for reading!

  2. Your tutorial is good, simple and precise, but I can’t get the result after following all the steps. I think the problem lies in the phrase “With both the scene and the rectangle selected”. How do I do this ?

    1. Hi Robert, sorry for the confusion. Simply use your Selection tool (F1) and either drag a selection area, or shift-click the clip shape and the object you want to clip. Thanks for reading!

  3. Good tutorial on the “clip” command, but this is not a true “crop” in Inkscape and can be undone. Hence the filesize remains the same and all of the information is still there, just “hidden”. I wish Inkscape had a true cropping function!

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