How to Make QR Codes in Inkscape

create a qr code tutorial

Inkscape has added a new QR code generator that makes it easier than ever to add them to your design projects. Let’s go over how to make a QR code entirely in vector using Inkscape.

1. Generate QR Code

Step 1

To open the QR code generator, head up to Extensions > Render > Barcode > QR Code. Simply enter the text to encode and click Apply to create a custom QR code.

inkscape qr code generator

Step 2

The first thing I did was Ungroup the QR code and remove this white square behind it (I’m not too sure why that’s there, either). Notice those tiny vertical white lines in between all of the squares? That’s because the position of the QR code doesn’t perfectly line up with the pixels.

white square qr code

Step 3

To fix this, simply select your QR code and make sure the X and Y coordinates have no decimal points. Also, double check that the Width and Height don’t have any decimals either. That finished up the QR code, but I wanted to see what else we can do with it.

white lines in qr code

2. QR Code with Rounded Boxes

Step 1

For this next step, select all of the QR code squares and do Path > Object to Path, Path > Combine, and Path > Dynamic Offset. You’ll notice below that I only have a single node in the top left corner of my QR code, which is the Dynamic Offset. You can slowly drag this to adjust the overall offset of the QR code.

dynamic offset

Step 2

The goal here is to thin it down as much as possible (without deleting anything, of course). This is a resource intensive process and will most likely respond slowly, so a little patience will be required here.

dynamic offset shrink

Step 3

Since it’s so incredibly thin now, we can add a thick Stroke with a Rounded Join to make everything rounded.

qr code rounded corners

Step 4

Then I got a little carried away with duplicating and coloring, but believe it or not, this still scanned just fine for me! How cool is that?

qr couded rounded squares

That’s It!

So that’s how you create a QR code in Inkscape. It’s a great feature that has endless possibilities, so I’m certain you guys will have fun creating cool QR codes (I know I will). You can also create different types of barcodes in Inkscape. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “How to Make QR Codes in Inkscape

    1. Check your zoom and make sure you’re at 100%. Otherwise, just double-check that the width, height, x, and y all have no decimals. If all else fails, try exporting it and see if the problem continues there.

      1. Hello, your site is great! I was looking for tutorials like these, please continue the awesome work.
        I can’t make step 3 neither, when exporting the same white bars appears, I am on OS X, I will try another OS.
        Any other idea? Thanks

        1. I was able to replicate this issue. It seems to just be very sensitive to the size dimensions. In my case, if I had the QR code at 144px or 146px, I had the white bars. But at 145px, it was perfect. I’m wondering if culprit of this lies with the “Square size” setting in the QR code menu and the multiples of that number.

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