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the resource game 2

Did you know that Shmoggo Media is behind the greatness that is The Resource Game? Even better than that, The Resource Game 2 has been in development for months now – and it’s looking really good.

What’s The Resource Game?

If you haven’t heard of The Resource Game, it’s an addicting resource gathering game that plays right in your internet browser (because it’s written entirely in HTML, CSS, and Javascript). You start with absolutely zero resources, so you simply begin gathering things like wood, iron, and copper. Soon, you’re able to use these resources to build better tools, hire workers, construct buildings, and create advanced technology to help you maximize your resource gathering. Go ahead and play it here!


The Resource Game 2 is Coming!

Yes, The Resource Game 2 is indeed in the works and it’s going swimmingly. Just like the original, it’s completely designed to run right in your internet browser. Also, I should mention that all of the graphics are designed in the free vector program, Inkscape.


Looks pretty good, right?

Some Features

You’ll be starting out above ground with nothing but a flimsy wooden axe.

resource game wooden axe

With enough wood gathering, you’ll surely want to get a flimsy wood pickaxe to head underground to explore the vast amount of resources.

resource game gather stone

Before you know it, you’ll have a fully reinforced pickaxe to dig deeper and deeper into the Earth to find those rare resources.

resource game gold iron

And so much more…

resource game buildings

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of what is to come from The Resource Game 2. Stay tuned for more!

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