Designing a Simple Logo in Inkscape VIDEO

Quick and easy tutorial on how to design a logo in Inkscape. We’ll be designing a simple, but trendy logo in Inkscape.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Inkscape:
- Document Properties
- Text Editing/Styling
- Letter Spacing
- Path/Division
- Gradient Editing
- Perfect Squares

14 comments on “Designing a Simple Logo in Inkscape VIDEO

    • I’m not as tech savvy, but couldn’t help but conemmt on this post. I think that when someone uses photoshop, the intent is more than to just create a jpeg with multiple clips/pics etc. There are so many art specific options in it, like the gradient tools, the multiple brushes, the colour adjustments etc, I doubt any other software can come close to it! Power point is handy, but for the basic editing, not for the enhanced stuff the photoshoppers go for. Just an opinion.Btw, your blog is an amazing place for technically challeneged folks like me!

  1. You are teaching someone who already knows how to use Inkscape. For beginners, do exactly the same, only 3 times slower.

      • Hey, thanks for the tutorial! I just wanted to say that I found your speed fine.

        For a general-purpose tutorial like this, it’s great to see a quick demonstration of various techniques. I now have a better idea of some general approaches to working with Inkscape and can look deeper into any functions that caught my eye.


  2. I’ve just finished installing Inkscape, and when I first viewed this tutorial I only had an clue of what my logo should look like but absolutely no knowledge of how to create it, and now I’m thinking what a beautiful start. Thank you, really. This helped me a lot.

  3. Hi…i am working on logo for a Water bottle logo..its for my has got differnt edges and Custom shapes, its not straight forward like square..i am working on Nodes corner and stuffs to give it better shape…but in the end eveyrhting is lost..please help…

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